Sunday, October 21, 2012

It is something as natural as Breathing

Disablities and the way they world sees that word and how they see people who have diasbilties is that it immediately suggests an inability to see or hear or walk or do other things that many of us take for granted.

Yes this is true and breathing is one of those disablities the we never even think about we go about our day and our night and never say hey I should take a breath. Eleven years ago I saw first hand that breathing is one of the biggest gifts we could ever get.

 The thought of Mighty Z breathing consumes me almost every minute maybe I dont consciously think about it, but when Might Z is in her room singing I take a sigh of relief because I now with talking comes breathing. It is those times when she is quite  that my ears prick up for sounds of movement or I have to say in a loud voice "MIGHTY Z?" she always  answeres back with "what?' I take a sigh of relief because I know she is okay and I say back  "oh nothing I just wanted to tell you I love you" and oh course it makes my heart melt when she say "I love you too".
Mighty Z has taught me so many things in her little life. One thing she has taught me what disablities truely are.

I think the true disability is the people  cannot find fulfillment in their lives, or those who have lost hope, who live in disappointment and bitterness and find in life no joy, no love. These, it seems to me, are the real disabilities.

Here is an old clip of Mister Rogers take on disablities

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