Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Very NICU Christmas

The reasons I started this blog was 1) to share Mighty Z’s Story 2) To tell you the uncensored  truth of the ups, downs and in-betweens of raising one typical child, and one complex medically fragile chronically ill child. 3) I deeply feel that much has been given to me (in regards to my children, and the journey we are on) and because much is now required of me to give back (Luke 12: 48).


Many of you are the ones that truly inspire me to be a better wife, mother, and person. Even ladies who have typical children have stepped in, and shown support in ways that still shock me. My sweet friend takes time when she isn’t working and caring for her own children to edit and pull out of me things that I have buried so deep (trying to protect myself) so that all of you in the special needs world know you’re not alone.


One of my dreams has been to make a community of special needs families. I have tried and tried to do this on my own, but it always fell through (Gods timing is indeed perfect). When the group Mommies of Miracles contacted me and wanted me to be the administrator of Texas Mommies of Miracles I was overcome with joy and awe that they would choose me.


I was once again scared that this would fall through, but with the help of Mommies of Miracles the Texas branch begin to grow. I have never met so many women who are strong, wise, intelligent, and above all compassionate. These women make me proud to be in this elite sorority of special needs mommies.


I had an idea (that I stole from the Ohio Mommies of Miracles group) to bring bagels and cookies to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). I threw this idea to our Texas Mommies of Miracle’s. Even though these mothers have children on life support machines, feeding tubes, have seizures, are paralyzed, and other very hard issues. They pulled together and made and bought cookies, bagels, and even bows for the babies to the parents in the NICU at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. Some were not able to come so they dropped off toiletries to other mothers they may never meet.


This is the Elite Sorority I belong too, and I am proud to stand next to every one of them.
                                                        Merry Christmas My sweet friends
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