Wednesday, March 13, 2013

advocating for your child

Many new parents of Special Needs Child ask me how do you advocate for your child here is what Raising Mighty Z has taught me about advocating.

When it comes to advocating for your child, it doesn’t matter if you dropped out of high school or if you went to the London School of Business.  No degree of lack thereof will prepare you for what’s ahead.

Before your child gets diagnosed, you need to educate yourself regarding your surroundings.  Your nurse is a great source of information; you can ask her anything.  Do not be afraid to ask about every machine, every procedure, and every noise until you know the answers by heart.

When the diagnosis is determined, you must research, research, research. is an excellent source for you to read about your child’s diagnosis until you know it as well as you possibly can.

Reach out to others through social media.  There are Facebook groups full of other parents whose children have the same diagnoses as your Miracle.  Join every group you can and ask every question you have.

However, do not believe everything you hear or read.  Your child is an individual; and just because doctors, nurses, and research say your child will only be able to do x, y, and z or even will die, remember that none of those things determines what your child will accomplish. 

Above all: trust your gut!  It sounds cliché and scary at the same time, doesn’t it?  Your intuition is the best weapon you have.  Even doctors will agree a parent’s gut feeling is 99% of the time right on the money.

And last but not least, remember to breathe come over and learn more on advocating at Hope's Seed

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