Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dallas Child's update on Mighty Z

Like any mother I am excited when other people see how wonderful my children are, because let's face it Lala and Mighty Z are fantastic. So when I got an email from Dallas Child wanting an update on how Mighty Z was doing I was over the moon.

In August of 2011 Dawn McMullan wrote a story about Mighty Z for Dallas Child called Living on the Edge of Life & Death.  Although I thought the title was a bit dramatic, I realized that is exactly what we do every single day with Mighty Z we” Live on the Edge of Life & Death”.  Maybe because I have been living in this “new normal” world for so many years I forget how close to the edge we live. It makes me all the more thankful when I realize that.

Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 Nicole Jordon (Lifestyle editor for Dallas child) sent me an email asking for an update about our Mighty Z and if the new medication was working for her. I was every eager to tell her the good news and more news besides. I hope you have a chance to read both articles.

I need to jump off and go clean up Max the Dog’s mess. I rarely tell what is happening in the moment so here is a peak inside my day while the girls are at school.


  Here is a picture of Max (Max is a girl talk to Mighty Z about that) once again up to no good.
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