Sunday, March 11, 2012

when I finally accepted that my child was a special needs child

As my first blog I have ever written one must first realize that I am a horrible speller. My grammar and punctuation leaves a lot to be desired. If you are still reading this I applaud you for trying to make since of what I write.. So my title is "when I finally accepted that my child was a special needs child" well the answer is this I don't think any parent can really come to grips with truly admitting to their self that their child is completely special needs. It has come to me after eleven years that I have slowly accepted things not that I was in denial just well it is hard to admit to yourself that he/she is. Right off the bat I did accept that she needed machines to breathe for her, but give me a break that was a little obvious. I did and still believe that God can and will heal her, but now I am okay with the way life has worked out for us as a family. When Might Z was born I grieved for the healthy child I had lost, but now I have found the beauty in the child that was given to me and I no longer grieve for that healthy child. That being said I still look at other children her age and see with my no longer rose colored glasses what my Mighty Z will never be able to do. Do I cry you ask? why of course I do . I also see what she has accomplished and to that she is my hero. When Mighty Z was born we were told she wouldn't live, never talk, never eat, never walk, never go to school,never breathe off her machines, never have any quality of life. Mighty Z does all those things and so much more.. Was it hard getting her to do all those things? you have no idea Mighty Z could teach a mule to be stubborn but she does them and beautifully. I have also found that you can only accept so many things at a time the breathing was easy the others have been heart breaking. So after eleven years I am still learning to accept my special needs child as special needs.. 01 02 03
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  1. Your fortitude and tireless love amaze me . Zoe is a blessing to us all but having you as her mother gave her a chance at life and now we all can see she will have that wonderfull life . Please stand up and be proud of yourself and proud of your daughter.