Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What do I look like to you a human pin cushion?

Today I had to take Mighty Z to nephrology, it is by far one of the many joys CCHS has given me the joy to once again go on the specialist parade

Mighty Z always has some thing to say about these exciting adventures, and every once and a while her doctors help encourage her to speak her mind.

Today Mighty Z with urinary culture in hand was running from nurse to nurse trying to convince them that her pee was really lemonade, and they should take a sip . It got me thinking of all the funny things that Mighty Z has said while in the hospital.

Mighty Z's big doctor,  Doctor Gelfand told her that only bad doctors give IV's or do any kind of lab work. This was Dr. Gelfands attempt at humor.

 The very next week we went to Children's Hospital of Las Angles to see Dr. Keens one of the top specialists in CCHS . The first thing that Dr. Keens wanted was an IV .. OH LORD..

Mighty Z then popped up and said exactly what Dr. Gelfand had told her.Mighty Z told Dr. Keens "You must be a really bad doctor to order IV's I am out of this death trap" and proceeds to leave the office.

 Mighty Z was well behaved for the rest of the time until the end when I said "Mighty Z tell Dr. Keens thank you" Mighty Z promptly said "Thanks for all the pain".

There are tons of crazy stories of Mighty Z saying something to the hospital staff here are my favorite Mighty Z quotes.

What do I look like to you a human pin cushion?

Well that's great 2 hours of surgery, and all the surgeon did was manage to make me look like a horses pa-toot.

I cant wait to blow this Popsicle Stand

Children's Medical Center should be renamed "The House of Pain"

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